Please leave a note to help us remember this special time in our lives. Thanks for celebrating with us!


5 days!!!!!!!

Jeff, Missy and Family

Carli and Patrick - We are looking forward to the big event. We are so happy for you both and can't wait to share in this GREAT occasion! Love you guys.....

Chris and Joanna (Bro and Sis)

Carli and Patrick, We are so excited for you both! We're so happy that you have found each other to share your love forever. We love you bunches and can't wait to spend your special day with you. 🎉❤️

Donna Johnston (Mom)

Can’t wait for the big day! It will be so exciting for all of our family and friends to get together and share your love . You two were made for each other. Let’s CELEBRATE!

Mike and Gale ( Dad and Mom )

We are so happy for you both! Can't wait till April 13th when you tie a knot of love and happiness for the rest of your lives! You were both truly meant for each other and we love you both so much! ❤️🥂

The Knot

Congratulations from The Knot! Best wishes for a happy planning journey and an amazing wedding. yours. truly.